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About Dafocus

Originally founded in 1994 , DAFOCUS has since then centered its activity on source code generators, mostly aimed to telecommunications. The adoption of a "small business" company model allowed DAFOCUS to stay focused on its core business and develop and maintain its know how internally.

Vision and mission

Dafocus believes in computer code generation as a mean to increase productivity, quality and maintainability. This vision materialized in the creation of a telecom specific code generator called "Encodix" and an integrated development environment called "Macrocoder", aimed to the development of custom code generators for any use.

Dafocus holds much consideration of the interaction with customers: a high quality support team, competent and responsive, is a top priority in Dafocus mission.


Dafocus offer is centered on two main products:

Encodix/CSN.1 - Developed since 1999, the Encodix code generator is designed to generate encoding and decoding source code for telecommunication protocols. Encodix offer includes Encodix Source Files that implement several worldwide standards. These source files are always maintained aligned with the most recent specifications and earned by 3GPP the authorization of exhibit the 5G badge.
A great effort has been spent on support of the 3GPP CSN.1 language, providing with an industry-leading full CSN.1 2.0 compiler and the documentation site.

Macrocoder - Released in 2014 after a long experience and development, Macrocoder synthesizes Dafocus know-how in code generation. The Macrocoder language allows the creation of complete and maintenable code generators, including input syntax and error management, literally in minutes.


Many leading companies have trusted in Dafocus by adding Dafocus generated code to their strategic products.

A non-exhaustive list of customers includes: