Beginners' Guide


Installation is very straightforward. Go to the download page, download the current version and run the self installing archive.

Macrocoder can also run without installation: the simple macrocoder.exe executable file is all it is needed to run.

Quickstart example

This chapter shows a simple macrocoding project to illustrate how the Macrocoder process and user interface work.

The macrocoding technique consists into creating a new programming language and its related compiler which output is not executable object code, but it is code written in generalist programming languages integrated with a development project. When convenient, we can write some parts with our own concise and meaningful language and have Macrocoder generate the Java (DotNet/C/C++/PHP or any other language) that goes in our main project. In this video macrocoding is explained and a convenient example is presented.

As a quick start project we shall create a simple language where web pages can be defined indicating their title and content. The code generator will generate the complete HTML pages out of this data.

This is the input language created by us:

beginPage index
	title "My index page"
	text "The text of my index page"

And this is the index.html text file we want to be generated out of it:

		<title>My index page</title>
		<h1>My index page</h1>
		<p>The text of my index page</p>

The video below shows all the steps to create complete Macrocoder program that does the generation above.

Note: in this video, some concepts of Macrocoder programming are exposed superficially to avoid overloading the exposition. All concepts are treated separately in detail in other tutorials.

You can download the source files shown in the video above at this link.